Get to Know The Top 5 Benefits of using a Medical Recruitment Agency

Finding your dream placement in the medical industry can be a competitive and difficult process to get right. Using a medical recruitment agency like Australian Medical Placements (AMP) will give you the edge you need to land the role you’re looking for.

What could a medical recruitment agency bring to your job search? We’ve compiled our top 5 benefits of engaging a healthcare recruitment expert.


1. Save Time + Stress

Applying for medical jobs can be competitive, time-consuming & stressful. At Australian Medical Placements, we do the hard work for you including handling all your documentation, organising your travel arrangements and accommodation.

2. Automatically Expand Your Network + Your Career Opportunities

Our healthcare recruitment agency have a large professional network and we know exactly who to talk to. At AMP, we partner with different public and private healthcare providers across Australia, who have hundreds of vacancies in both general and specialist fields, waiting to be filled. You can bet that one of them has the right placement for you.

3. Free Job Alerts + Personal Recommendations

All of our locums are matched with a personal medical recruitment manager, who works closely with you to find a suitable placement. We even offer a free personalised job alert service and keep you looped in with seamless communication.

4. Flexibility To Choose + Control Your Own Career

Choose between short term, fixed contract, locum or permanent placements, in a location of your choice. We have a deep understanding of hospital and health care provider culture, and can help you find the environment you’re looking for.

5. Proven, High Placement Success Rate

Partnering with a medical recruitment agency means you get more offers and better opportunities to choose from. This results in a higher chance of being accepted into a reputable medical clinic or hospital and landing your dream placement.

Don’t waste your time or put unnecessary pressure on yourself by trying to search for a job alone. Register with Australian Medical Placements today and start your new career tomorrow.